Building the adapter firmware from the source code


Downloading source code

The AllPro adapter source code project for MCUXpresso IDE is here.

Installing the MCUXpresso IDE

The MCUXpresso IDE is a Eclipse-based IDE software development toolchain for NXP LPC/Kinetis microcontrollers based on ARM Cortex cores featuring industry-standard GNU toolchain. In order to download NXP's free MCUXpresso IDE you do need to create an account on NXP website. The download link: MCUXpresso Integrated Development Environment.

Importing and building project

Once you have this .zip file available somewhere on your computer, open up the MCUXpresso IDE, and click the "Import Project(s)" in the "Quickstart Window". Building the project should be straight forward.

For using LPC-Link2 as a debug probe check this page.