Programming the Adapter with Flash Magic

Using Flash Magic

Download and install the latest version of the free Flash Magic tool.

Configuring the Adapter Bootloader

Switching adapter to bootloading mode is simple:

  • Connect the Adapter to USB to Serial device, like this one
  • Disconnect the J4 cable if it is connected
  • Set the bootloader J2 jumper
  • Provide the 12V power with J4 cable

At this point the LPC1517 should be in bootloading mode and awaiting the commands on the serial port.

Configuring Flash Magic for the Adapter

Before you can program your LPC1517, you need to supply some basic information to Flash Magic:

  • Set the device to LPC1517
  • Set the COM port to whatever COM port your USB to TTL cable is using
  • Set the Baud Rate to '115200'
  • Set the Oscillator to '12'
  • Check the 'Erase all Flash+Code Rd Prot' checkbox

Once these settings are entered, you simply need to point to your .hex file by clicking on the 'Browse...' button.


Programming the Adapter

After selecting your .hex file in the 'Hex File' textbox, you simply need to click the Start button, and Flash Magic should start programming your device.


Testing Adapter Firmware

At this point, your device should be programmed. To test your firmware perform the following steps:

  • Remove J2 bootloader jumper
  • Reset the device by disconnecting J4 cable and connecting it back
  • Run the terminal emulator and verify the Adapter was programmed with "AT#1" command